From its very beginning Seim Irrigation has been about family, innovation and helping the customer.

Starting in 1926 Leroy Seim began working along side of his father, Ed as they drilled their first well. With an old Reo truck, a lot of hard work - what appeared as a back-breaking job using a hand wrench on a drill tower was really the start of an irrigation company founded on the idea of helping the Nebraska farmer get water where it was needed most.

The years since have been marked by continuing innovation through expansion of operations, improved methods and technology. However the commitment to the customer has always remained constant.

Today, Dan Seim carries that same commitment to innovation and customer service, bringing almost 100 years of well drilling expertise to eastern Nebraska. Seim Irrigation is proud of its partnership with Toro, the leader in subsurface drip irrigation technology who brings innovative solutions to today’s irrigation challenges.

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